Autumn 95 – Spring 96:  Assistant at IceBox (owned by Venetia Kapernekas), a contemporary art gallery in Athens that organized 5 exhibitions a year, bringing young and emerging international artists to Greece as well as introducing young Greek artists abroad.  My work was both organizational and creative. Activities included: participation in the Stockholm Smart Show – March 96, introducing the newsletter Freezing Point published seasonally by IceBox (a.o. interview with Peter Zimmermann), and the setting up of a department of multiples and editions. Exhibitions during my tenure included a group show entitled ‘Between the Acts’, curated by Devon Dikeou (editor of Zingmagazine, New York), a presentation of ‘Other Men’s Flowers’, portfolio compiled by Joshua Compston / Factual Nonsense with a contribution by 15 British artists, and a solo show by Peter Zimmermann.

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